Indonesia Cosmetic Ingredients 2022

Intan Chemical Group is an Indonesian company that was established in 1967. Intan Chemical Group has evolved into a holding company comprised of experts and professionals from the manufacturing, trading, E-Commerce, Direct Selling B2C food raw materials, and consumer industries.

On this occasion, we (Intan Chemical Group) present EsoulzScent, the company’s most recent product development. EsoulzScent is a new cosmetic breakthrough in which Intan Chemical Group creates food and beverage aromas as fragrances for cosmetics, skincare, and personal care.

In addition, Intan Chemical Group introduces the Made by U concept to cosmetic enthusiasts in Indonesia and around the world. A concept with the hashtag #wecreateit in which Intan Chemical Group can create raw materials and fragrances based on what business actors in the cosmetic and beauty sector require, such as fragrance, essential oil, and flavor.

Intan Chemical Group, a company that prioritizes product development and quality, hopes to collaborate with cosmetic activists in Indonesia to develop a cosmetic industry that uses original Indonesian products by attending events such as ICI 2022.

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