The flavor is a sensation produced by the senses of taste and smell simultaneous. Commonly used in the food and beverage industry to add and reinforce the taste, characteristics, and selling points. Apart from being used as a flavor and aroma addition, the F&B industries use flavor as a standard for flavoring products. If a product has no flavor added, the possibility of a change in taste will be higher than if there is an addition of flavor to the products.

Flavor Variant

The flavor characteristics of each flavor house are different because every manufacture has its own characteristics and uniqueness. The character of the Benberg Arome flavor is a flavor with a natural taste and aroma. Our flavors will taste very similar to the original taste.

Sweet Flavor

It is a flavor with a sweet taste and aromas as the experience of consuming sugar or vanilla. This variant is the earliest kind of flavor compared to other flavors and the most favored by consumers.

Fruity Flavor

Fruity flavors are a combination of tastes and aromas with fruity and fresh core flavor. This type of flavor is the most favored by children and adolescents which has become one of the most popular flavors in the market.

Dairy Flavor

The dairy flavor is a kind of flavor that has traits as processed from the farm products. This kind of flavor is commonly used as a flavor enhancer in food to produce the impression of luxury and premium.


A kind of flavor that has savory-ish and aroma character. This flavor is sometimes depicted with a tangy taste sensation like a stew. This character is the most popular flavor variant for snack and chips products in Indonesia.

Herb & Spices

It is a flavor that adopts the traits of the taste and aroma of spices and similar natural ingredients. This flavor are commonly used in medicinal mixtures and energy drinks.

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