Jong Ma Checmical SDN. BHD.

Established in 1991, we are specialized in Flavors, Fragrances, and Food Chemical Ingredients. In the year 2016, we are proud to become a member of the Intan Chemical Group. As the subsidiary company of Intan Chemical Group that is based in Malaysia with area coverage of South East Asia, we are carrying only the trusted brand for all ingredients matters. Bénbérg Arôme is the expertise in flavor & fragrance based in Surabaya, Indonesia. The plant uses advanced technology & direct technical expertise from the Netherlands. Triefta Aroma Nusantara is the expertise in essential oils that will bring nature to our customers. Möhler Flavor Paste is the answer for all bakery & beverage recipes. It provides instant tastiness with a perfect combination of Flavor, Aroma, and Color. Jong Ma Chemical will serve the prospect closely and effectively either in technical support & product distribution. We are committed to ensuring customer satisfaction by maintaining the product & service quality.

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